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I'm young! But I am a Christian.

Peace of the Lord beloved , precious youth , today I want to talk a little about us , we are in this world full of sin and sin ... But before all this , we are with our eyes fixed on the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world , since we confess that He alone is our Lord , and that nothing can separate us from God , who gives us the wonderful victory!All we know that it is very difficult to serve God faithfully , more is not impossible , because we have the master of the universe , to deliver us from all evil . And every now and when we hear something like , " Tuh is Young guy ", "We enjoyed life pow " " Leave a little to the church , let's have fun " and many other expressions , hey maybe you ever stopped to think and to said :It's true !Hey that's a lie !You are young and can enjoy life more lemme talk a deal! We are young , we are more separated youth, young saints who flees from sin and temptation, but you may ask :Are you going to tell me that young people are not tempted all the time ?I answer you :Yes , it is tried , the more our God commands , we all flee from temptation and He always give us escape .And if you and I want to be really young God , we must renounce the world and the desires of the flesh , always remember that the Spirit must always stand strong , kill the flesh and is full of God.Regarding enjoyed life to the world has a meaning, plus the Christian , has another that is much more interesting!While the younger generation , enjoys their lives , in ballads , drugging , whoring , getting ingesting alcohol , we are servants of God , we enjoyed our life in the best possible way, praying , seeking the face of the Lord , worshiping his holy name , praising , passing the good times with real friends , friends that , which brings us closer to God , but it is enjoyed life the best way possible !Do not miss your youth , smile , make friends , play games , but never forget that you are the temple and lived the Spirit of God, then it is a young man full of God , becomes an instrument in the hands of the BIG .# SOMOSAGERAÇÃOELEITA

 Rejoice, O young man, in thy youth, and recreate it if your heart in the days of thy youth, walking the paths that satisfy thy heart and pleasing to your eyes: but know that for all these things God will bring thee accounts . Depart, therefore, from your heart, and remove sorrow from thy flesh pain, because youth and spring of life are vanity.
Ecclesiastes 11 9-10
 And you who have not accepted Jesus and wants to know and participate in this great happiness it is to be a believer, do not waste time, Jesus calls you and wants to save you! He has a special plan in your life! # BELIEVE

By Rynaldo Ribeiro
generation Jovem.com
The King is Back

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