sexta-feira, 1 de novembro de 2013


We serve a God of the Impossible.


Meditate on this little reflection, God wants you! Peace of the Lord and my dear my dear, today I watched so many things that happen in our lives, and often need a friendly word of comfort, most do not find more today that you are reading this post, here I just want to say one thing, you are not alone and the problems will not end with you, nothing is lost there is a living hope that is Jesus, the God who makes everything possible in our lives when everything is going unlike HE always shows us that there output, HE brings the existence what does not does not exist, this is the God you serve, there is nothing difficult for IT, trust in IT and see what HE will do in your life. And if you have not made your decision for Jesus, do not waste time, HE calls you and loves you very much, and want to do the IMPOSSIBLE in your life!
by Rynaldo Ribeiro Jesus is coming Young Generation...

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