domingo, 21 de dezembro de 2014

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Thank you Lord!

Thousand plans , a thousand dreams , a thousand projects , thousand wills , thousands of things haunt our minds , our time is gone so we have to study , we must work , we must do so much , we just forgetting who gives us the opportunity to make all this .And sometimes we forget Him altogether, and we come to believe solely that everything is conquered our credit , and we started with the I 's. I got it, I went , I won , I did , I struggled , I suffered but got success , because I 'm too G . The feeling of victory is great , it sure enough , but not any time spent by these alone (I'm sure even more ) , we must always remember those who helped us , who should be grateful , the only one worthy of all praise .If I woke up today , God allowed ;If I spent in the contest , God blessed me ;If I leave home and come back without anything bad happens to me , God kept me ;I still breathe , allowing God ;Reached all my goals , God is merciful .God is He to whom I owe everything that happened , happens , and will still happen in my life !

Por Darciane
Coluna Profetizando as Nações - Geração Jovem

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