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Escape, Enemies of the Cross!


Peace of the Lord folks , this week we talk about a very current topic , for those who are in Sunday School every Sunday , you know what I'm going to speak, for this semester are talking of Paul's letter to the Philippians , the more I like to be well specific , as the title I put up .When Paul spoke of those in such Filipeneses 3-18 Well , as I have said repeatedly , and now repeat with tears , many live as enemies of the cross of Christ .image InternetHe was talking about people who were in the church , and brought together , praised God had more in mind doctrines that had nothing to do with what Paul taught , as they stood before biblical principles , such as :
The Judaizers that emerged in the first decade of the Christian Church , and had a primary purpose of instructing believers , there obey and practice the Law of Moses , which includes the practice of circumcision , keeping the Sabbath , not eating certain foods etc. . Paul meanwhile warned his brother against this sect that wanted to adopt rules that was against the teaching of Paul , finally, in one of his letters Paul tells the brothers who are the true circumcision in the same , we were saved by Christ and not rely on flesh.On the other had also had another movement called Gnostics , and for them that mattered to God was our spirit and not have to worry about our body , because God was not preucupado , They taught that by the body is essentially evil, should be dealt with severely , strict rules , flogging , deprivation , isolation , fasting, marriage and contempt for the material world .Other lies , as Paul teaches us that we are the Temple and Address of the Holy Spirit , we are not dominated by the flesh , the more we are led by the Spirit , Paul did not forbid marriage , much less taught that we have to live apart from the world .That's why they are called Enemies of the Cross of Christ, and we believe in as a Christian cross as a symbol of Christianity and that our Jesus died so that we might have life , we must turn away and we should not listen to those who try to put things in our head that are the devil to deceive us and take us to Heaven , beware my dear , Jesus is coming and these issues addressed by Paul, are as current as the day he wrote when he was still stuck open the eyes and care , because the devil prowls around with a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour , more shall the blood of Jesus Christ has power over our lives .by Rynaldo Ribeirogeneration
Jesus is coming !

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