segunda-feira, 16 de fevereiro de 2015

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Thanks to all is MY GOD!


Peace of the Lord this week, let's talk about a beautiful psalms and well known among believers.
I lay down and slept, woke up, for the Lord sustained me.
Psalms 3:5
This psalm expresses the confidence of the psalmist David, because the Lord amid the hardships and problems that arises in our lives, God will always with us, watching over us even when we are asleep, our God is there carefully, for everything right and you and I can have a night of peace and security, and when we got up we can see the hand of God on our lives, about our house, why the psalmist write this psalm 3:05 that he lay down and slept more because the Lord that allowed all went well, my brethren you have thanked God for the night and have slept and woken up with life? Yet? Do it now, thank your God because all we are and we have achieved is because of the mercy of our God, which is great in our lives.


by Rynaldo Ribeiro
Jesus is Returning!

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