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The Salvation in Christ.

Through the new birth (regeneration) the man was conceived again to be part of a divine nature. Through Jesus’ word, Christians have a new hope and everyone who trust in Christ is a faithful witness because from God comes fruit of lips that confess to Christ.
Bible presents to the humankind an offer of salvation. Well, if there is an offer of salvation is because the humankind is lost.
Before we understand how the man is saved for God, it is necessary to understand why the needs to be save and why the humankind get lost.

Adam – The wide door
The man is save through the gospel because his heritage of the first Father of humankind, Adam.
Because Adam has sinned e because he offended Gog, all men have sinned. ( Ro 5:19).
Through Adam’s sin all men became sinners, apart of God, without glory of God.
Behavior and social and moral life does not matter, everybody are sinners equal a condition of slaves.
Children of slaves and Adam’s descendants are slaves as well, but we are slaves of sin like the condition of the father. (Isa 43:27).
Our original condition has made us sinners, no matter our actions.
Jesus showed that everyone that sin, become slave of the sin. The apostle Paul said all men have sinned and all men are apart of glory of God (Ro 3:23).
The condition of the humankind is miserable since Adam has sinned, the best man is compared a brier, then no men in the world is in righteousness. (Mic 7:2-4).
Adam made all men sinners. They sin because they are sinners! They do not do good because they are bad.

The Gospel
The gospel makes people knows that God is rich to everyone who calls Him.
No matter the social and moral condition, God is kind to everyone. (Ro 10:12).
Jesus’ gospel is for Nicodemus who was a rich master or to the Samaritan woman who had 5 husbands.
If a man do not accept Jesus his destine is hell and sulfur because he has come into a wide door (Adam), he walks in a large way that brings him to the ruin. (Mt 7:13).
Observe Jesus’ gospel, the belief’s sign is also named: the power of God, faith hope, promise etc.
“We know the man is not justified by his actions but by his faith in Jesus Christ”. (Ga 2:16).
“Then, in Him we discover the justice of God from faith to faith”. (Ro 1:17).
The Salvation
Jesus taught that who listen his word and believe in God, have the everlasting life, this one does not will be condemned because he passed from death to life. (Joh 5:24).
The condition of a sinner is death. This condemnation came over all humankind cause Adam’s offense: all have sinned and all died, all are separated from That One who is life. (Joh 3:26).
Everyone who listen the message of gospel and confess to Jesus, the master of our confession, who believe that Jesus Christ came from the dead people to glorify Father God, those will be save. (Ro 10; 9-10).
What about the salvation? Salvation of financial and social economics problems, a problematic family, illness etc?
No, because the Christ’s gospel is based in the Holy Scriptures and not in a social program.
Bible is clear: “Because all that invoke the name of Lord that one will have salvation” (Ro 10:13).

The New Birth – Jesus Christ: the Narrow Door
When a sinner believes in Christ, the same way he/she is receiving Christ: “Who receive Jesus, the same way is becoming God’s child". (Joh 1:12). The apostle John said who believe Jesus, receive Him as well.
What changes will happen to who believe in God?
  • Will be a child of God – “But everyone who receives Him will be a child of God”. ( Joh 1:12; Ga 3:26);
  • Will Be Conceived Again – “He conceived us again to a life of hope”. (1st Pe 1:13);
  • New Creation – “If someone is in Christ a new creation he/she is”. (2nd Co 5:17);
  • New Condition – “No one in Jesus will be condemned”. (Ro 8:1);
  • New Nature – “He has given us precious promises and made us part of divine nature”. (2nd Pe 1:4).
In Jesus and in Adam we have spiritual and the flesh. Who was born in the first Adam is flesh, who was born
In the second Adam is spiritual. (1st Co 15:46-48).
Through the new birth (regeneration) the man was conceived again to be part of a divine nature (Joh – 1:16); (Col – 2:10). Through Jesus’ word, Christians have a new hope and everyone who trust in Christ is a faithful witness because from God comes fruit of lips that confess to Christ. (1st Pe 1:3 and 23); (1st Co 3:16); (Eph 1:13); (Ro 8:17); (Ho 14:8); (Heb 13:15).

Eternal Redeeming
We know Jesus did an eternal redeeming: “Neither with goats and calf blood but with His own blood He came into the saint place only once doing an eternal redeeming”. (Heb 9:12). “Blessed be the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ for he has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in heavenly places in union with Christ”. (Eph 1:3).
Everything comes from its divine power (gospel). (2nd Pe 1:3; 1st Co 1:18).
The salvation comes through the faith: “That the creation itself also will be set free from enslavement to corruption and have the glorious freedom of the children of God". (Ro 8:21; 1st Joh 3:2).
Through which everyone have been saved with the speech with which He declared good news to everyone. (1st Co 15:2).
Everyone who is apart of Christ is still under condemnation, because the salvation belong only to who knows God.
Everyone who is distant of Jesus’ gospel will suffer the consequences do be apart of blessing: “... apart of Jesus you are, you have lost the blessing things of God”. (Ga 5:4).
Translated by: Helena Barreto

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